Generating iOS archive including dSym data
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Luca Carlon
2018-11-20 11:54:46 UTC
Hello! I usually build my releases by archiving and uploading to iTunes
using xcode after qmake created the project.

I noticed that my archives in iTunes do not include dSym data. I checked by
inspecting my archives on the filesystem, and in fact the dSym is empty.

By reading the build log I see that the xcode project generated by qmake
actually does output dSym data, and I can find it in the build directory
build-...-Release/Release-iphoneos. Would it be possible to also have xcode
include it inside the archive? Is it normal that dSym file is not in the
archive or is that happening only to me? I tried to tune the project a bit
but I didn't succeed. That would be useful because it allows me to
symbolicate the crash logs coming from iTunes.